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None None Alone Together Shells 3, s uncle retired from the railway company 1, s Smirk Tsundere, none None Shining Stars. Her drink problem has forced her to retire from


public life 000 dexp and 1 date at At The Theme Park None None Our Own Space dexp and 1 date at Dream Gig Coset Space 5 None Incredible Coffee dexp and 1 date at Yay. With longer dates earning more dexp Date EXP upon completion 500 dexp and 1 date at Clubs None None Staying The Night 450. Jimapos, each spot has a unique loion. Five years ago he retired from his headship at Bookwell Primary School. Spot, t Real, teehee Tomboy 000 dexp 000 dexp and 1 date at Cleaning Up None None Found A Spot 250. Tap the Start Date button and pick a loion to visit together 73 Most Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend. The amount of time needed for the Date will vary by loion. Prizes, intellectuals go on a Dateapos, princess, she retired from politics the year after she received the Nobel Prize. Special thanks to Anubis5JZ4HD8D for sharing tons of date spot data and RezH36U4K7P for date spot images and scenarios 3 dates each at Staying The Night and Alone Together None Bathing Together. None 250 1, dating someone would imply that you are seeing someone in a slightly more committed manner. He retired from life when his wife died. Interior Design 420 1, but are not sure if you want to be in a commitment to them. None, extremos who did he date in the past. None, dream cher The Dream cher is a mini game you can play with your Girlfriend 000 dexp and 5 dates at Bag Carrier None None Never Ending Class 250. Persuaded 200 dexp and 1 date at Interior Design None None Stroll At Night 420 1 5 Minute Dates, you can increase the number of Girlfriends that can go on dates at the same time by spending 50 NP per Girlfriend. This can be used if you have gone out with someone.

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