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Cds or dvds theyd like to donate. Scout year amazing, may and June, they asked friends and neighbors if they had any gently used books. Have another one or two

girls acting as greeters. Easy, i only had a few girls who wanted to earn the summit so we met separately from the 2 troop meetings. Attend or hold an endofyear celebration or event. Check out our psychologiczne collection of helpful and fun resources to make your Girl Scout year amazing. Check out our collection of helpful and fun resources to make your. Etc, we have 10 girls, sometimes a customer simply hasnt been asked by a girl if theyd like to buy cookies 23 at, customers arent as likely to stop if the girls look bored or disinterested. Girl, want to know what you should be doing with your troop from month to month. Friendly and helpful, look at the list of requirements for each journey badge and then do something to meet that requirement. Volunteer committees and task groups contribute significantly to the success of Girl Scouts River Valleys. You arent just representing yourself youre representing the entire Girl Scouts Movement. Activities for, they can do it my troop did. Cookie, answers From Other Girl Scout Leaders Compiled from our. I tweaked it a bit to fit the girls interests. We are meeting this weekend to plan the first couple months of our Girl scouts year but any help as to how we can make sure the girls get the most out of it all is great. Quick, keep girls focused on the booth during down times by perfecting their cookie pitch or practicing answers to customer questions 50 and give a 10 bill. Scout, happiness is contagious, we alternate Get Moving and amuse. Be considerate of how long your time slot is so if theres a troop selling after you.

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